Batukaras is one of the attractions beaches in west Java. It is located in Batukaras, Cijulang, pangandaran. It is a blend of the natural attractions of Pangandaran and Batuhiu. In addition, Batukaras has calm waves and friendly that will make the visitors immediately enjoy the freshness and beauty of the beach.




Green canyon is Located in Kertayasa Cijulang Pangandaran, ± 31 km from Pangandaran. It is formed from soil erosion due to watershed Cijulang over millions of years through the cave stalactites and stalagmites that dazzle with a beautiful view. Therefore, it is flanked by two rocky hills with leafy trees that will present a unique natural attraction and challenging. To achieve and enjoy the atmosphere, we had to rent a paddleboat from the Ciseureuh dock and the journey takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Along the way, our eyes will be spoiled by the turquoise green color of the river.

Test adrenaline Body Rafting on the Cijulang river

Cijulang is one of the subdistricts in Pangandaran, West Java, which presents a complete alternative tourism. Not only nature reserves, beaches but also water tourism that has to be visited by adrenaline fans. One of them is the body rafting that is in green canyon. In doing body rafting, you will be equipped with security standard equipment so that your safety is assured. When you are doing body rafting, you will be presented with a magnificent view of the Cijulang river. Great rock, caves, moss and wild plants that adorn both sides of the river make into a single entity that is amazing panorama. Besides, it is flanked by two 1.0-meter-high cliffs with droplets of water from the rocks that become small waterfall and absolutely adds the beauty panorama during your body rafting.

Jembatan Gantung

Jembatan gantung ini sebagai salah satu akses alternatif warga menembus ke kota Cijulang dari Batukaras. Jembatan yang unik, terbuat dari anyaman bambu dan sering dipakai wisata orang orang bule karena uniknya tadi. Terakhir pernah dipakai shooting iklan perusahaan milik negara, PERTAMINA. Apabila anda ke Batukaras , destinasi ini cukup menarik sekedar mencoba dan berphoto.

On cruise..river Cijulang side.. @ THE ERMAJA'S PAVILION boutique hotel & villas Batukaras.

Wonderful Indonesia ~ Batukaras beach