In 1930, our grandparents Mr. Bihon and Mrs. Asnath Elizabeth are commissioned by the government to become a doctor in Cijulang Pangandaran. Mr Bihon is from Tasikmalaya and Mrs Asnath Elizabeth is from Rote Island Kupang. Cijulang is adjacent to the Batukaras beach for about 5 km to arrive there. In memorizing them during the duty, now we have established a comfortable vacation home with the assorted collection of villas java house.


In the construction of the house, we combine the Dutch Colonial architecture, old java architecture and modern facilities with the hope of complete comfort. Now, The house is known by the name The Ermaja Pavilion boutique & villas.


Actually, The Ermaja’s Pavilion boutique hotel & Villas is established not only in memorizing our grandparents but also to provide a little bit information to the our guests about the wealth of art and architecture of the previous Java. In addition, we facilitate every villas and rooms with modern facilities and excellent service that will spoil and make our guests feel staying at home alone.


~ The Founders, ~


 Muhammad Dharmawan & Rina Indrisari Dharmawan